Later that night…

Ha! I love my new space in scyber-history. Hee! You are reading me! Ha!

Officially, it’s 12:26 on Monday morning, very late in my night. And, officially, I’m declaring the topics on this site to be of the upmost importance. To those who debate these claims, to hell with you!

Of course, I can’t just ramble on and on and on, regardless of what some of you may already think, so consider this my NBA All-Star 2005 section. It belongs in the Sports category, but for this limited time only, you get it right here on the front page.

Basketball is my number one sport. There! I’ve said it! Football is fine, baseball is growing on me, but basketball is it for me — the number one all time sport on my list of all time favorite sports. I’m intrenched in it’s lore, it’s legend, but still, I feel strangly disappointed with it, like a loved pet that’s just peed on the new couch.

The All-Star game is, for the most part, everything I hate about basketball. It embodies the selfishness and flashiness that I have never quite enjoyed in what has always been considered to me as a team sport. Team. Sport.

But the mid-season “classic” has developed into what I see as a ridiculous display of show-up-manship and sloppy play.

Okay.. okay.. what do I expect? “Corey, they’ve rarely, if ever, played together, and if they have, never with the same coach.” “Corey, you’re dumb. An All-Star game is there to take the best players from each team and plant them on a pedestal in the attempt to better market the sport.” Yes, yes, valid points — all of them. But why is it then that these out-for-ourselves teams are a new occurance? Why is it that when I watched the 1988 NBA All-Star game on ESPN Classic, the announcers were praising Isiah Thomas for his selflessness, and talking about how Larry Bird was setting Michael Jordan up for shots because the game was in Chicago, and Jordan deserved to win the MVP? Or how the players — and take a breath before you read this — were TRYING TO WIN FOR THIER TEAM!!

I’m not saying that today’s players aren’t trying. You know damn well that when KG steps on the court, he’s trying to win the game, regardless of who his teammates are. Maybe I’m just a little too “old school,” maybe I was just spoiled when I learned the sport watching Thomas, Bird, Jordan, Magic, etc.

My point is, today’s players are too selfish. And the All-Star game highlights that selfishness. How else could a player like Stephon Marbury be an All-Star? Not because he makes his team better…thats for sure.

Or, maybe I’m just to tired to make a valid point.

So instead, a picture of Reggie Miller. Eric will love that.

Reggie is great.

This was lovingly handwritten on February 21st, 2005