*cough cough*

This is an official statement: There is nothing worse than being sick, especially when that sick includes a fever and a persistant cough.

It’s been floating around our house for weeks now — last week I had a sore throat, which I just worked through, and then this weekend Kerrie went down with some flu-like symptoms, which I am now currently down with myself. Ugh.

Unfortunately, staying home sick is an option that I’d rather not do — it makes more work for everyone at work — but I haven’t really had a choice. I woke up this morning with 100.9 fever, and yesterday I was achy and sore, so I’m just lounging around today, trying to get better.

The one good thing about being sick, though, is the ability to catch up on various media outlets. I’ve ran through episodes 1-4 of The Beatles Anthology documentary, and last night Kerrie and I watched Shawn Of The Dead, which is officially the funniest horror movie I’ve ever seen (and since I’m not even a horror movie fan, I guess that makes it the best horror movie I’ve ever seen as well). I can’t remember the last time I’d heard Kerrie laugh so hard at a movie. It is very funny, and very British.

I’m trying to think of which movies I should break out today — Braveheart is always a good choice, though I’d have to get up and change the video half way through, and High Fidelity is a great standby. I don’t really have a “sick movie,” the one movie I always watch when sick, like Kerrie does (it’s Babe,) so I’d really like to start a tradition today with that.

*yawn* actually, I should probably just take a nap and get over this crud.

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This was lovingly handwritten on March 16th, 2005