The opposite of Friday

In contrast to last weeks Friday rant; I’m putting up three things that I love about THIS Friday.

1. Indiana Pacers. Detroit Pistons. First time Indiana shows their face in the Palace since the melee.

First off, some moron (I know, that’s unbelievable in Detroit) calls in a bomb threat. “There’s a bomb in the Pacers locker room.” This holds up the game for an hour and a half. And you wonder why these fans are so hated? It was enough to make me want to jump into the crowd and… well… you know.

Aside: I read a great joke in Sports Illustrated today in regards to the amount of snow Steve Rushin has seen this year: “What does my driveway have in common with your average Detroit Pistons season-ticket holder? Both will get plowed 41 times this winter.” *rimshot!*

Back to the game. The Pistons – still a championship contender – with all their roster, managed to lose… LOSE!… by 13 to the Pacers, who are without their two best players (Ron Artest, Jermaine O’Neal). BWAHAHAHA! THAT made my night!

And now, get this. My hapless Pacers are currently in 7th place in the East. The Pistons are in 2nd. Yes, we’ll probably have a Pistons vs. Pacers first round match up. And, if trends continue, the road team will win every game. Pacers in 7! (only to be trounced by the Wizards in the next round, I’m sure.)

2. Yum, I like food.

Kerrie may be the best cook I’ve ever known (sorry Mom!). Good food tonight for dinner (I guess my sister-in-law Jess helped too, but whatever) – I’m not sure what it was exactly, but it was some combination of yams, tofu, beets – sounds gross but was actually very good.

The only bad thing about coming home to a great dinner is that when I go back to work, 50% of the time I smell like dinner. And since dinner includes either onions or heavy spice, I smell like body odor. Ask Chris. He told me so. But, I guess, the price I pay for delicious food from a wonderful cook is welcome.

3. Duke lost. Take that, Brandon!


I also feel productive because I ranted, rather intelligently, I believe, about one of the stupidest arguments ever – why you shouldn’t like video game system A and you should worship video game system B. After working in the video game business for 7 years (Best Buy for about four and a half, Software Etc/FuncoLand for two and a half) I became rather calloused to that discussion, which I heard at least three times a day.

If you check out the link, remember that this is from my basketball simulation league. I’m (obviously) the Pacers. The Orlando Magic is my friend John, and the Warriors is his brother, Pete. Both are Nintendo apologists.

Bobby Fischer. This guy, one of the weirdest anti-authoritarianism figures in the world – dorky Chess player who becomes a counter culture hero — is in the news again. Here’s what I know about him. He hates the United States, though I would to if I was charged for playing chess in Iceland against a Yugoslavian player during the cold war – he could face a ten year prison sentence for… well… I’m not sure. He’s an Anti-Semite, much like the guy from A Beautiful Mind, except they never made a movie about Fischer. Actually, I guess they did make a movie about Bobby Fischer.

I’ve just seen an interview with Fischer, an interview where he says he hates Jews and doesn’t want to be considered a Jew, and I have come to the conclusion that I loathe Bobby Fischer. That guy can eat an ass. I don’t think he should be forced to exile, but I sure don’t feel sorry for anything he gets himself involved in.


And that, my friends, is stream of consciousness writing.

This was lovingly handwritten on March 26th, 2005