Second place = The first loser

Roy-Roy and Friends

North Carolina — 2005 NCAA National Champions.

Now, if only I didn’t allow my co-worker TJ to turn in his late bracket (though, as he told me, “why would (a person) cheat if there’s no money on the line?”) I would have been in first place. I’ll settle for second.

Can you believe that only twelve of 70 participants chose North Carolina to win? I should mention, however, that only 25 or so of the brackets were filled out with any knowledge of the current NCAA — One of the older CA’s put UCLA as the champion — and so really I scored second out of 25. Kerrie, somehow, made a momentous comeback (mainly by her choice of an Illinois and North Carolina final) and scored 5th. Chris, our faithful host, ended up in 36th place, though his picks of Arizona and Kentucky nearly came true, with both teams losing overtime thrillers in the Elite Eight.

So, I guess, congrats to Roy Williams and company. It’s been three tries and three losses at the National Championship up until this point for the former and current Tarheel coach, so it’s probably about time.


I’m going to pimp a friend, here, by allowing you to click on Erok the Destroyer’s new webblog, dedicated to complaining about Vikings ownership and crying at a failed Timberwolves playoff run, I’m guessing. Enjoy it, because if you don’t, he’ll eat a bunny.

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This was lovingly handwritten on April 5th, 2005