Boy, it’s late.

I hope this isn’t proprietary information.

I’m currently waiting. The end of every night at work for me, here at the Sioux Falls relay center, is a waiting game. We’re down to two operators , and they can’t just get up and leave, even though the center closes at 1:00 am. We’ve got to finish out these calls.

And this is where I wait.

My job, at the end of the night, is to relieve the last CA (which stands for communications assistant, a name that, much like many titles, sounds more impressive than it is) from the final call. If there are two CAs remaining, I wait. I obviously can’t take over one persons call, because the other person would be stuck there as well.

It’s already 1:05 am.

Here’s what I’ve already done. I’ve sorted all of the off-lines (which are sheets that keep track of each employee’s time off of the phones), I’ve updated the schedule and printed off-lines up for the next day, I’ve checked all of the work, I’ve lowered and straightened all of the stations, and I’m now waiting.

Really… what can someone have to talk about this early in the morning? Or is it late at night?

*yawn* All I want to do is go home and read about an abbey of monks that are being murdered, one by one.


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This was lovingly handwritten on April 13th, 2005