67 degrees and breezy

It’s been beautiful these last few days. And I, for one, appreciate it more than I ever used to. It’s like I’ve come through my more immature days of staying inside on warm sunny days and playing Nintendo into a new mindset where, finally, I value a breeze and the warmth of the deck chair after a morning of sun exposure.

In fact, here in Sioux Falls it’s been at that perfect 65-75 degree range, with a little wind (enough to keep the heat from being stifling) and a little rain (mostly at night, so mornings are wet and soggy). I love it.

And, with my newfound hobby of “reading” the books I buy instead of just putting them on the shelf to look at, I’ve found a brand new way to spend my day before I drag my feet off to work at three. Or in the case of Wednesday, two.

I even enjoy kayaking, though I’m certainly not that good, yet.

I guess it might seem weird, but I was raised a little awkward to the joys of outdoor living, and therefore have spent life being unforgiving of nice days. I’ll still play around indoors too much, but I have a feeling that the traffic on Seventh Ave will be seeing my rounded body lounging on our helicopter pad a lot more than they had bargained for.


Coming soon: I’m working on a quick essay based one of the most asked job interview questions — please explain your worst or most difficult work experience. However, I’m just narrowing it down to “My Worst Boss.”

John and Doug know who THAT is.

This was lovingly handwritten on April 20th, 2005