Catching up, frantically

Here’s my predicament.

I’m currently working on four different projects right now: stories of my worst boss ever, a bad hotel stay (both to be submitted), the My Very Own Polysyllabic Spree for April, and an article for work about closing at the relay center. Because of this, I’ve been slacking on daily(ish) updates on the site.

This, though, has been my main focus. I really enjoy writing for whoever reads this, even if it’s just Kerrie and myself, because I find I actually enjoy writing just for writing’s sake. I’ve been studying the AP style, I’ve read books on grammar… I think I might even enjoy taking a grammar class for the sole purpose of improving my craft.

Still, there’s no deadline for the site, and there are deadlines on everything else I’m working on, aside from The Polysyllabic Spree, which is for the site, but I’d like to have it out by May 1st. So I’m trapped; I’m letting things build up and fearing that I’ll leave the site festering for a few weeks, at which time I’ll return and find it crying in the corner with all it’s regular viewers moving on to bigger and better blogs, like the Google Sightseeing blog.

Anyway, I’m sure that won’t happen. And since I’m just writing for writing’s sake right now, I’ll put an end to it. If desertion does happen, though, and you all flock to Google Sightseeing, tell them hello for me. And tell them that I love their site.

This was lovingly handwritten on April 30th, 2005