Rocker; swear words.

Just a quick post today, since I’m going to work early and making cookies.

You read that right. Shut up.

I discovered this at Other Men’s Flowers, a blog that primarily deals with smart-sounding words and subjects. There is a proliferation of curse words, so be warned, but it’s hilarious…and so true for those of us who find ourselves leaning a little more left than the norm. No wonder “liberal” has become a swear word.

Fuck the South


In a sports vein, I found this story about former Atlanta Braves pitcher and current bigot John Rocker. Apparently, he’s trying to make a comeback.

Well, after giving up two hits, two walks and two runs in one-third of an inning on the mound for the Long Island Ducks in a 2-1 loss, Rocker got into a confrontation with a fan. From

As Rocker left the field, Dave Macken of Atlantic City, a Surf fan sitting near the visitors dugout, yelled, “It’s a long way from Atlanta.”

According to Macken, Rocker replied, “I’m still a millionaire and you’re a piece of [expletive].” Macken told The Press of Atlantic City that the two then exchanged vulgarities.

Rocker recalled the exchange differently. “Call me what you want, but don’t start cussing at me like that,” Rocker said. “That’s just wrong.”

This is the guy who became the most hated man in sports when he bashed any minority group you could think of in a 1999 interview for Sports Illustrated.

He’s certainly not doing much to fix his image, I’d say.

This was lovingly handwritten on May 4th, 2005