News update 05.12.05

Just a throw away post today – Here are the weird things happening in the news today:

First of all, I guess Comedy Central mainstay Dave Chappelle has checked himself into a mental hospital in South Africa. Nobody really knows the true reason why, but it’s kind of a scary thing to have happen to one of the most talented comics of our generation.

The story is here.

Second – Sometimes I try to get people to believe that I’m a big “football” fan, in the European sense of the word. I am, I guess; I really did enjoy watching English Premiership Soccer back when I had Fox Sports World, and I own a Liverpool jersey (with stylish Carlsberg logo on the front). I don’t get to partake in the sport as much as I used to anymore. It’s on Sirius satellite radio, but it’s on live (which makes it about 7 am here in the States.)

Anyway, the owner of the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers has secured a majority stake in Manchester United – the most popular and richest soccer team in the world. This may not seem like news to you, but to me, it’s kind of a big deal. Imagine if some multi-millionaire from France came across the pond and end up with over 50% of the stock in the Boston Celtics. Or the Green Bay Packers. People would be pissed!

So, unsurprisingly, United fans are pretty pissed about this, considering he’s the type of owner who will sell the naming rights to Old Trafford (will we soon be seeing Man U games in Nextel’s Trafford Stadium of Manchester?) and raise ticket prices. He’s the new sports owner – more concerned about making money than controlling a great team.

Just thought I’d throw some English gossip your way. The article is here.

Third: Only the BBC would bring us stuff like this. It’s a powerful article about a powerful picture – the marriage of photography and the truth. Just like I learned in Baghdad Express, war can be hell. Sometimes the images get mixed.

We certainly didn’t see this picture in the U.S.

Go here. Now.

That’s it. I’m just rounding up the news and delivering it to you in a tidy little package. With blue ribbons. And shiny wrapping paper.

You’re welcome.

This was lovingly handwritten on May 12th, 2005