I’m back from vacation (and retirement)

I couldn’t do it.

I just couldn’t stay away.

After only a few weeks, I’ve reentered myself into the Retro ABCA again. This time, as a horrible Bucks team.

Here’s my roster. Notice anybody good? Exactly. The two best players, Detlef Schrempf and Jose Jones, I traded away from the Pacers when I was the GM there.

Well. I guess it was inevitable.

Here’s my “welcome back press conference.”

New Ownership in town – Return of a Legend.


ABCA League Commissioner John Scott is looking for some decent GM’s to take over. One fledgling franchise, the Milwaukee Bucks, is looking worse than horrible, and could be heading to the depths of lottery hell. No one in Milwaukee cares at all about the team anymore, which saw perennial power Patrick Ewing traded and rookie bust Khalid Reeves drafted.

The Bucks need a miracle.

One former GM might be that miracle.

Corey Vilhauer, who had retired from the Retro ABCA for nearly three weeks, has come back on as the new General Manager of the Milwaukee Bucks after leading the Indiana Pacers to two championships and five straight conference finals.

“The truth is, I’ve never been able to leave this league,” Vilhauer commented to reporters Tuesday afternoon. “It was a hard decision for me to give up the Pacers, but I knew that I needed to get away. I found, after leaving, that it was harder for me to stay away.”

Vilhauer is taking over a team that is severely lacking in the defensive category, an area where past Vilhauer-led teams excel. He has already started by reconfiguring the uniforms and logo to fit in with the modern look of the ABCA.

“I know we have an uphill battle within the organization, and I’m not looking forward to letting some great people go,” Vilhauer continued. “I know that to make this team successful, though, we need to make some major revisions to our roster.”

“We need to get younger, and we need to be able to stop the other team from shooting.”

Already on the trading block are former All-Star starter Detlef Schrempf, young prospect Jose Jones, and big man Charles Oakley. Vilhauer doesn’t expect any of this current roster to remain after next season.

“Players need to have heart when they play on my teams. I’ve already traded Jose and Detlef – I’m not afraid to do it again if they don’t show me some heart; some ability to be a winner.”

Vilhauer’s words may be showing some that the Bucks could be winners someday too.

I’m so weak. I just couldn’t withstand the pressure of being on the outside while everyone else was having fun trading players and winning championships.


This was lovingly handwritten on July 5th, 2005