100 and counting!

Congratulations to me for my 100th post!

Really, though, it’s not that big of a deal. I just thought celebrating a nice round number would be kind of fun.

Let’s take a look back at the past four months’ statistics.

Black Marks on Wood Pulp, which started out as “CDUBblog@driscocity.com” (really original, I know) began officially on February 20th, 2005. In the 138 days since it’s started, I have posted 69 General posts, 15 Sports posts, 12 Top 100 posts, four Polysyllabic Spree posts, and one From the Moleskin post. Yes, I know that this doesn’t add up to 100 — one post was both “Sports” and “General.”

To those who think I post about sports too much: it’s only 15 percent of my content, and it’ll be much less until basketball starts again. Lucky you.

The post with the most replies was, by far, My Worst Boss. I garnered 13 pieces of feedback, all of which expounded upon how horrible my worst boss (Chad Madison) was.

The item that led the most people to my site via search engines was, surprisingly, this picture. The top search word was Reggie, followed by Miller. Jordan and Michael were #3 and #4.

The top non-sports related search words were, in order, “the,” “wtf,” “black,” “orbiter,” and “zoiberg.” “Hamburger,” “pulp,” “schwarzenbach,” and “sirius,” were some other notables.

“Black” and “pulp” are obviously for the site title. I’m glad to see “sirius” and “orbiter” on there because I know people are reading my Radio Shack story of strife. “Reggie Miller” leads to two pictures (the one mentioned before and this one) and two articles. “Hamburger” is for this post. “Schwarzenbach” leads to the 1-10 listings on the Top 100. “Wtf” and “omg” must lead to this non-flattering post on my haircut. “Zoiberg” is here.

The two funniest search results that I’ve been a part of are:

1. A search for “Reggie Miller’s Ex-Wife” led to a page with one post on Reggie Miller and a another post describing an album that was written about someone’s ex-wife.

2. Search for “hamburger helmet” on Froogle.com brings this: an erroneous item for sale – the picture of the fat helmet guy eating a hamburger for the price of 23.95. Unfortunately, it has been fixed, but I posted about it at Mount Sutro.

Most of my hits (17.04%) come from midco.net, and I’m linked here mostly by Google.com, the message board for the RetroABCA, and South Dakota Blog Watch. The typical person uses Microsoft Explorer (52.14%) and Windows XP (66.53%) and is from the United States (91.91%).

People and “bots” viewing my site has gone up considerably in the past four months – I’m averaging about 150 hits per day. Data is incomplete because I had no way to track it until the middle of April, but I had 4800 hits in June compared to 3000 in May. Hopefully this means that I’ve made a lot of people’s “read every day” blog lists.

It’s been a fun four months. I never thought I’d have more than a marginal audience, and I’m pleased to see that my little corner of the blogosphere is fruitful enough to invite some repeat visitors. It’s more than I could ask for, really, since I was just doing this selfishly for myself and now I’ve got to cater to this niche I’ve created for myself.

Just kidding. I don’t care what you people think.

Thanks for the attention, web-world. See you in another 100 posts.

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This was lovingly handwritten on July 7th, 2005