A sensational story

Sometimes the tragedy of terror cannot be explained in words, or by choosing sides and fighting it out through media clips and the blogosphere.

Sometimes the only way to convey the horror that takes place in our world is by just keeping silent and remembering that no matter what, regardless of how righteous or self-serving we can be, regardless of how open to change, open to charity, open to living life in the pursuit of freedom or reform, we are all human.

No matter what, humans can be hurt. Humanity can be hurt. None of us are really safe, and the peace that comes with realizing that is actually quite refreshing.

I’m not afraid of terrorist attacks anymore. I’m not afraid to go to London someday, or to fly in a plane, or to have a war spill over onto our country’s grounds.

What I am afraid of is living my life being too afraid, too spooked by sensationalism and doom to actually enjoy my life.

I don’t care who you are – you’re only on this earth for a short time. Live it. Argue, laugh, cry, shout – do these things when they’re necessary. But don’t cloud my time on this earth with your apocalyptic messages. This type of thing happens in every generation, and it will certainly happen again.

It’s horrible. But we are slowly learning to live with the horrible.

This was lovingly handwritten on July 8th, 2005