Retraction and publication

Maybe I was a little harsh before. When I was verbally browbeating a few days ago in “Disgusted,” I mentioned that I would never forgive him. For that I apologize — it is silly to say that I’d never forgive someone at all. But what he did was pretty stupid and very bad, and it was the type of thing that I will have a hard time forgiving. Regardless of the intent, and despite all of the sucking up that has come since his return, I still feel little to no remorse in saying that I’ll never forgive his actions.

Summing up: the actions — unforgivable. The person — as a good person with a clear conscience, I will someday be able to forgive him, whether it’s weeks or years. I hope this clears some things up.

I’m still mad about it though, and I still don’t like the idea of them getting back together.


On a lighter note, Harry Potter was released today. The unfortunate thing is that we’ll have to buy it at Barnes and Noble since we’ve already reserved it and Kerrie has a gift certificate burning a hole in her pocket. The fortunate thing is that we have the gift card. I love birthdays. They mean free books, even if they aren’t techincally mine (it’s Kerrie’s gift.)

My mother should be receiving shortly her British edition of the book. We brought back the first four from England when Goblet of Fire was released (I just happened to be visiting Kerrie in Alnwick when it hit the shelves) and now she has managed to get the last two with the same cover scheme and “Briticisms” inside.

I’d like to read them and search for the differences, but she had a hard time just taking them out of the plastic, let alone actually read them.

I kid, mom. I kid.

They’ve been read, but only in humidity-controlled safes with white gloves and an anti-bacterial jumpsuit.

Boy, I wonder if I’ll be invited for Thanksgiving this year.

This was lovingly handwritten on July 16th, 2005