The Blogroll

I try to keep myself aware of my surroundings here as part of the blogosphere, and one way of doing that is to frequent a handful of other blogs every day. I’d call them the “competition,” but who’s kidding who here – we’re not competing for anything most days aside from who’s gonna bash Sibby the Elephant over at Sibby Online, and really only two of the blogs I read have any claim to that.

Still, I thought it would be a nice service for both you, the faithful reader, and them, the faithful bloggers, to let you know a little more about the blogs on my “blogroll.” With the power of Mozilla guiding me I can open each of these sites at once and browse them without interruption, but you can just click on the links to the right if you’re interested in checking them on a daily basis.

In alphabetical order:

Blue Artichoke: A blog primarily about one woman’s trip through culinary school. She’s since finished and has bounced around through a few jobs, but unfortunately she hasn’t updated this as much as I would hope in the past few weeks. It’s clever and funny and it talks about food a lot. So it’s worth reading, if you like food. Duh.

The BlogSlot: Bill Walsh, big time editor at The Washington Post, presents this blog as an accompaniment to The Slot: A website for Copy Editors. Sounds boring, yes. But it’s actually quite interesting. Kerrie turned me on to this, and I’ve been reading it ever since – I’ve learned the fine art of proper place names, the spelling of “e-mail,” and his quirks about abbreviations.

Crap and Drivel: Have you ever thought of something extremely bitter and angry to say to someone after the fact? Or have you just let it sit in your head because it was too cruel to spit out. This guy does the dirty work for you, spitting contempt at everyone from the lady sitting next to him on the bus to the cigarettes he’s just quit smoking.

Driscocity: The blog run by the guy who hosts this very site. It’s strictly personal most days; Chris tends to post primarily about his life. I’ve noticed that his writing has primarily been about drinking (all of his friends seem to be turning 21 within a three-month period) or horrible computer products he has ordered off of the internet. He also posts lots of pictures from his fancy new camera.

I’ve Stared Right Into the Sun: I read this because I know him. Just like I used to read Eric’s blog because I knew him. Unfortunately, Eric’s blog is non-existent now, and so I catch up on Minnesota life though Wick, a former co-worker. Amazingly, he’s actually caught me up on Bill Murray and various top 100 lists in the meantime.

Google Sightseeing: THE blog to check out if you are as obsessed with Google Maps and maps in general as I am. Every day there’s a new landmark – why leave your house on vacation when you can see the world on Google Maps! Hooray!

Mount Sutro: I know there’s a theme to this site, but in the past month I have yet to decipher what it is. Still, it’s updated regularly, and I find myself checking it daily. I don’t want to say it’s a personal blog, because it’s not, and I don’t want to say it’s informative, because it’s not. It’s just has a nice layout and I happen to visit the site a lot.

Other Men’s Flowers: Toeing the line between a personal and language-based blog, Other Men’s Flowers uses lots of big words. It’s writer is also British, so, with my dream of being a wordy anglophile, I visit it a lot. It’s consistently witty, and I always find myself learning something about a previously unknown word or an obscure Oxford English Dictionary entry.

SD Watch: Originally “Thune Watch” during the election, this site is now home of all things politically to the left (or HBO’s Deadwood). I enjoy the SD Watch Must Reads every day, and I’d like to point out that I, myself, have been listed on the Must Reads for my short blurb on the London bombings and my annoyance with media hysteria.

South Dakota Blog Watch: South Dakota Blog Watch Man watches blogs from South Dakota and posts the interesting stuff on his site. Black Marks on Wood Pulp has been featured in the past, though the Blog Watch is primarily political. He seems to be pretty liberal, but I suspect that it’s all in an effort to piss off Steve Sibson – Right Wing Blogger.

There are others, as well, but these are the ones I frequent the most. So don’t be shy — give them a visit. I’m not pimping them out here for nothing — they want readers just as much as I do.

Visit. Or else.

This was lovingly handwritten on July 21st, 2005