Hot hot heat

Holy crap. It’s hot.

Yesterday, with too little food and too much heat, we attended a Sioux Falls Canaries game – the first one I’d attended since, well, their first game back in 1992. I remember getting a Canaries hat, and I remember thinking I was going to be a fan for life. Then I promptly forgot about them for the next 13 years.

They won that game. They didn’t win this one. Say what you want about the Canaries – they’re certainly no Skyforce. The 2005 CBA Champion Sioux Falls Skyforce, that is.

Still, we had a lot of fun, the nine of us. We drank some cheap beers, we made fun of the four people in front of us (three computer dorks and one cool looking guy who acted as if he was doing some charity work in taking the others to the “ball game,”) and we left early to go to Ken’s Corner.

It was hot, though. Too hot. It was 99 degrees yesterday (a record high) according to the Weather Channel, and it got up to 98 today with 111 degree heat index (according to National Weather Service.)

But at least it wasn’t 117 degrees, like in Las Vegas.


This was lovingly handwritten on July 23rd, 2005