Etc. Magazine, try number two

Well, I’m back.

I had a lot of fun in Idaho (and Wyoming, and western South Dakota,) and, aside from the drive home, everything was how I imagined a perfect week long vacation to be.

However, instead of letting you know what I did (which I may or may not do over the next few days) I would like to express my frustration in trying to get published in our town’s monthly free magazine – the Etc. Magazine.

Etc. is the magazine that filled the hole left by the Venture magazine when it died years ago. It’s subjects range from television and movie reviews to Sioux Falls history. Music, wine – even cigars – get their fair share of the magazine. But, aside from a recent article on “rock and roll” literature by Scott Hudson, there is little to no mention of the oldest and grandest form of media – books.

So, thinking that a magazine like this should have a book article every month, I sent my monthly “My Very Own Polysyllabic Spree” column to the editor to review. I assumed that, since they had no regular literature section, I would be welcomed with open arms. After all – this is no ordinary “read a book and write a review” column. My column makes the act of reading a living thing, showing how certain books lead to others. More importantly, it shows how the average person buys more books than they have the ability to read.

I heard no response.

I shouldn’t be surprised. I sent it to the editor instead of through the “submissions” e-mail address, and I suppose it was pretty egotistical to think that the editor was interested in an unproven writer who had written only three months worth of articles. Still (and this may be where I’m utterly naïve of the publication process) I assumed that I would get an e-mail back. Something along the lines of “thanks for your submission, but you suck. Good day.”

When I picked up the Etc. this last week, though, I noticed that they were changing their format and that there would be new monthly columns.

Thinking I had a new chance, I sent my idea out again – this time through submissions, and this time asking them to at least e-mail me back and let me know that they received the attachments.

I’m hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. By the “worst,” I mean “nothing at all.” I’m pretty new on the scene to have a regular monthly column, but I believe (regardless of the lack of feedback I get from it every month) that I’ve got a pretty good thing going with the monthly book report.

We’ll see what the Etc. Magazine thinks, I guess.

This was lovingly handwritten on August 8th, 2005