Gonzo Bomb

After six months of sitting idle, something the man would never have done on his own, Hunter S. Thompson’s remains were finally put where they belonged.

In a cannon shaped like a fist.

As I write this, Thompson’s farewell party is underway. His dream was to be shot out of a cannon shaped like the Gonzo fist – his personal trademark. He’s getting that wish tonight.

It’s a gala Hollywood type affair, apparently – Johnny Depp reportedly funded most of it, and there are security guards securing the 250 guests inside his ranch. Bill Murray is there, and George McGovern is there, and Sean Penn is there as well. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Lyle Lovett are both playing the event. It’s a grand drinking party in honor of the man who spent the best parts of his life participating in grand drinking parties.

They’ve built a hell of a Gonzo cannon too. Unfortunately, there are no photos of it except this canvas-wrapped pre-party shot (it’s the blue tower with the crane next to it.) In the foreground you can see some kind of large wooden pole a metal vulture on top:

The Gonzo Monument

As you can see, it’s very tall.

Ralph Steadman has his own version of the Gonzo Monument. From his website:

Ralph Steadman, Thompson illustrator.

Artist Ralph Steadman, long-time friend and collaborator with Dr. Thompson, originally created this Gonzo Monument art work in 1977, and now he has produced an edition of 150 prints to commemorate his friend and to further the causes he stood for. After the blasting of Hunter’s ashes on August 20th 2005, this original silkscreen print will be signed by Ralph Steadman and a handful of Hunter’s close friends in the War Room at Owl Farm, Woody Creek, Colorado.

The prints are going for $2000 (plus $50 shipping and handling).

Here are some links to a few AP stories, one on ESPN.com and one on CNN.com, about Thompson’s Memorial Party.


Finally, the six-month anniversary of Hunter’s suicide means we’ve come to the six-month anniversary of Black Marks on Wood Pulp. The first post made it’s way onto the web on February 20th, 2005, and it’s still plugging along.

Thanks to everyone who reads, whether it’s daily or only every few weeks. It’s all appreciated.

So, with that: Hooray for me!

This was lovingly handwritten on August 20th, 2005