Okay, unless something drastic happens, I’m not going to blog about New Orleans or Katrina anymore. It’s too depressing for me to see one of my favorite cities completely wiped off of the map.

But, I need to get one last shot in, and it comes in the form of a “Blog Pimp.”

As in, I’m pimping a blog.

Chris, the fearless host to this very site, deserves all sorts of “props,” or whatever they’re called on the streets these days, for helping me set up, run, and keep maintained this here blog. Thanks, Chris.

Here’s his blog — it’s the same address, just put “blog” instead of “cdub.”

I present this specific post because it is about Katrina, and it has a pretty sad little graphic at the bottom. It’s nothing horrific — no pictures of drowning puppies or George W., but it’s sad all the same.

Who says the media isn’t biased?

Thanks Chris. Go there: driscocity.com

This was lovingly handwritten on September 2nd, 2005