Change (revised)

In my working life I have found there are two things that consistently butt heads: comfort and opportunity. More specifically I’m talking about the difficulty for me to jettison myself out of the comfort zone of one job and into the new but difficult experience of a better job.

It’s a question of “do you follow your dream even if your quality of life will decline?” Would it be right for me to give up a good job – a job I enjoy for the most part – for a position that may pay less and will force me to pay more for adult things like health insurance. Do you take a dream job, especially if you’ve been given a wonderful chance at a current one?

There’s a difficulty in dropping something comfortable – to consider taking a dream job. In sports terms, it’s like giving up on a solid starter in order to draft a “possible” superstar.

Really, there’s just one question to ask when these situations come up. Should you make the jump from a comfortable place and lose a little personal security or should you just forge ahead and follow your dreams, regardless of how many years it might take to reach the full potential?

Personally, I’d never be able to do it – at least most of the time. I’d rather stay in my cocoon and be comfortable instead of challenged, and this, I find, is my ultimate downfall. I’m not a risk-taker. I like doing the easy thing. I only do things that I know I can be successful at, and I only take the paths that lead to the easiest outcome.

So when – if – a dream situation comes up what am I going to do? What am I going to choose? Will I ever take the giant step to get to my destined lifestyle?

I guess in this situation, the only question I have to ask myself is: why am I so scared of change?

This was lovingly handwritten on September 9th, 2005