1-0, on the way to 1-15

1-0, on the way to 1-15

The Miami Dolphins are currently 1-0.

They beat the Denver Broncos 34-10.

They are ranked 11th in the Sporting News Power Rankings.

They are ranked 23rd (more appropriately) in the ESPN Power Rankings, though are inexplicably ranked three spots below the Broncos.

New coach Nick Saban has already shown that he’s a big deal, former Vikings backup Gus Frerotte looked decent (he was a hell of a lot more effective than former Vikings backup Jay Fiedler), and the defense has regained its “top-five in the league” ways.

So why am I still bracing for the crush? Why is Kerrie still wondering why I even watch football when I’m expecting the Dolphins to lose their next 15 games and end up with the worst record in the league? Why do I have such little faith in the Dolphins’ ability to beat the Jets this coming Sunday?

Because I’ve been through this before.

I sat through a 4-12 season last year when Ricky ditched us and left the country to become a yoga instructor. I’ve watched the team struggle to find a quarterback, seemingly cursed in that department ever since Hall of Famer Dan Marino left years ago. I’ve watched a supposed great defense wilt as the season went along. I’ve watched Dolphins teams that have gone 9-1 end up missing the playoffs. I’ve watched Dolphins teams that needed only one win (against a horrible team) always… always… lose.

I also know that the New York Jets have had the Dolphins’ number for as long as I can remember. The Dolphins could pull out a miracle and go 14-2, but invariably those two losses would be to the Jets.

Gus Frerotte will come back down to earth. The defense will get tired and underachieve yet again. Nick Saban will feel the sting of leading a losing team.

I’ve already resigned myself to this. If I’m wrong — and I hope I am — I’ll still mope around the house: “Oh, now we’re in the playoffs. They’ll lose horribly, they always do.”

I’m a self-loathing Dolphins fan. I can’t help it.

This was lovingly handwritten on September 14th, 2005