Random links, 09.18.05

An interesting mix of links from the past week, as brought to us by Bill “The Sports Guy” Simmons’ intern over at ESPN’s Page Two:

First is the tale of North Carolina State’s new Student Body President: Whil Piavis, President and pirate. This might be the funniest pirate story I’ve seen in my entire life.

From now on, all movies shown on campus must be rated “Arrr.” *rimshot!*

The Boston Herald, home of the “quintessential sports writer” Bob Ryan (as named by Tony Kornheiser), brings us the All-Time Greatest Sports Video Games tournament.

First of all, NHL ’94, the year they took the fighting out, was voted the winner. Not a bad choice, but I’d have gone with Tecmo Super Bowl.

Second: wait, Tecmo Super Bowl wasn’t even included. They chose the far inferior Tecmo Bowl (the original) over it’s much heralded sequel.

I played Tecmo Bowl so much I had the teams memorized. I once beat the Cleveland Browns 84-0 with the Miami Dolphins. It was a great game. Interestingly enough, the sportplanet.com Tecmo Super Bowl link above mentions that with the retirement of Jerry Rice there are no active players remaining from the rosters of Tecmo Super Bowl. This boggles my mind.

Third and lastly on this subject — R.C. Pro-Am was a great game. But best sports game? Couldn’t that slot have gone to Virtua Tennis or Mega Man Soccer? Or Fire Pro Wrestling?

Stephen King will kill you for $25,000.

A petty Saab owner gets rear ended with no noticeable damage and requests $800 dollars to “fix” the bumper. What would you do — call him a jerk and post a blog about it or try to shame him into donating the money to the Red Cross? This guy did both and ended up raising $32,000.

Scroll all the way to the bottom to catch the beginning and make your way to the top.

And finally, while on the subject of charity, here’s an article on the NBA’s Katrina Relief Charity game — a sloppy game with great benefits. Sure, they were all just messing around, but this went above and beyond what the other leagues did: this wasn’t just money, this was a “put all differences aside and give a face to the victims while letting the victims put a face to the relief.” It was an awesome effort, all from Kenny Smith of TNT. Who says the NBA is the thuggish brute that many want to make it out as?

Well, that’s all for now. Except that I hate the Jets.

But that’s nothing new.

This was lovingly handwritten on September 18th, 2005