Sleeping in

Is there anything more frustrating than sleeping in longer than you had wanted to? I seem to put myself in this position every day now, and it’s wreaking havoc on my personal productivity. I know it’s my own fault, but I still find it so completely obnoxious of myself to waste my day away in bed when I had originally meant to get up and do something, well, constructive.

My schedule is perfect for this, though. I come home from work and read my book until at least 2:30 am, and then I go to bed – usually failing to get completely to sleep until 3:00 am. This puts my approximate time of arising at roughly 11:00 am, giving myself eight hours of sleep.

That’s fine. I’d like to be up by 10:30 am so I could enjoy roughly 3 hours of free time (after showering and picking up the house) to do whatever chores or leisure activities I have tentatively planned for the day before I head to work.

Lately, however, this hasn’t been happening.

I’m not sure if I’m still catching up from some weekend drama (which kept me up until 4:30 am on Friday) or from Becket’s incessant scratching (which woke me up at 9:30 am all weekend) but I haven’t gotten up before 11:45 am yet this week.

So, needless to say, I also haven’t done anything productive this week.

The three hours I spend during the day on my own is my personal inestimable period – I can deal some imaginary players in my basketball simulation league, or I can tackle some projects around the house that I might not want to do when Kerrie is around, or I can attempt to write, or play NBA Live 2006, or make a mix CD, or go to Barnes and Noble and look for books that I’ll eventually purchase somewhere else. Really, I can do all of the selfish little hobbies I have created for myself.

But when that three hours is cut down into two, or one-and-a-half, I’m lost. I spend more time thinking about what I’m going to do with such a short amount of time before work instead of actually doing it.

I’m nearly 27 years old, and I hate sleeping in.

What the hell is wrong with me? Am I getting that old, that fast?

Feh. I don’t care. I like to get things done during the day, and I like to have time to spend on my own. When I sleep in on the weekends, I think about how I could be up hanging out with Kerrie, who I don’t see enough anyway. When I sleep in on weekdays, I think about how much leisurely crap I could have putzed around doing before I go to work. When I sleep in on weekdays I have off, I think about the errands I didn’t get started.

I worry too much about getting things done instead of just sleeping in.

No wonder I have dreams about tornados all the time.

This was lovingly handwritten on October 4th, 2005