**** the Yankees

I’m hardly a great baseball fan, yet. My allegiances are slowly shifting from the team I followed during my personal baseball renaissance (the Twins) to a team I loved growing up (the Cardinals) and a team I respect because of their general manager (Billy Beane and the A’s). I’ve got nothing to connect me to any team, really.

Still, there’s one thing I always love seeing in baseball: the Yankees going down.

200+ million in payroll? And they still can’t make it out of the first round?

At least the Red Sox had an excuse with injuries, though they couldn’t get it done with their huge payroll either.

Really, I don’t care who wins the World Series this year, as long as two things are true: there’s a great storyline involved, and the Yankees or Red Sox aren’t part of it.

This was lovingly handwritten on October 11th, 2005