So much for light beer

I’m not quite sure what to say.

It is birthday season for me – I say season because my work schedule creates the need for several dinners and gift presentations throughout the week before and after my actual birthday – and my mother, once again, has presented me with a gift to rival all gifts.

A little background: my mom, though she’ll always deny it, is very good at picking out gifts for me. Two Christmases ago she presented me with an England gift basket, featuring Guinness, English crackers and all of that foofy stuff, etc. and last year she purchased a subscription to Sports Illustrated. She’s always on the button, it seems.

This year was no different, but it was a little unsettling.

This year’s gift was twenty-one beers from around the world (and a bottle of wine.)

Awesome, yes, but I can’t help thinking that my mom considers me a drunk.


Still, I can now go on my own mini-World Beer Tour in the comfort of my home instead of having to spend four dollars a pint at Old Chicago (though I do wish these beers would count on that tour. Maybe I can finagle some sort of “home-study” credit, where two of a beer would count for one at the bar.)

The moral of the story is this – we’ve all wanted our mom to buy beer for us, but it’s kind of a weird experience when it happens. Once you get over that, however, you just hope she keeps buying you beer. I hope this myself; I may be able to get past the idea of her swearing on my blog (as she did below about Harry Potter: she’s LOTR LOVR – your identity has been revealed, mother!)


In the interest of filling more space, and because I’m excited about the 10 different world beers in my fridge right now, I present to you my gift.

Two each of:

Hazed and Infused (Colorado)
Löwenbräu Original (Germany)
Boddingtons (England) — (a personal favorite – it finishes the brewing process in your glass)
Pilsner Urquel (Czech Republic) — (another personal favorite – they have this on tap at The Tavern in St. Cloud)
Warsteiner (Germany)
Red Stripe (Jamaica)
Widmer Bros. Hefewiezen (Oregon)
Point Honey Light (Wisconsin)
Orval (Belgium) — (a beer brewed in an actual monastery by actual trappist monks – very cool)

and one each of:

Ayinger Octoberfest (Germany) — (it’s a 1 pint, 1 oz. bottle)
Ménage à Trois wine


So much for light beer, eh?

This was lovingly handwritten on October 19th, 2005