Random Links — 10.20.05

I’m so tired right now I can hardly put together a coherent though.

Still, I owe it to you – the loyal reader – to get something out, so I present to you another edition of “random links from the internet.” Many of these were grabbed from Bill Simmons’ Intern’s “Daily Links” section.

I said I was tired. I’m also lazy. Sue me.


First, David Copperfield is planning to impregnate a woman on stage. Without touching her. As a magic trick.

How do you prove something like that? Will there be someone on hand to administer an ultra-sound? Will Copperfield be required to pay child support? Will he forever be known as David Cop-A-Feel? (I stole that last one from Dan Patrick – and because of that I don’t feel the least bit bad about how horrible the joke was.)


Next: we all love Ali G (except Kerrie, who I don’t think cared too much for him) and we all love him even more when he’s promoting the NBA on TNT. Especially when it’s with Steve Nash, Kerrie’s super dirty favorite ball-player.

Check two of the promos out, they’re hilarious.


My Name is Earl is a hilarious show. I laughed out loud the first time I saw it. Additionally, it comes on before The Office, so you’ve got the best hour of comedy on network television right there.

Since, of course, we only have network television, we should know.


“The Rolling Stones are so old..”

How old are they?”

“The Rolling Stones are so old that have defibrillators backstage at their concers!”

(laughter and applause)

Oh, sorry. That’s not a joke. That’s true. They actually do have them backstage.


That’s all for me. Have a great night.

This was lovingly handwritten on October 20th, 2005