Joining MySpace, just like everyone else

(This post is in no ways funded by MySpace or any part of the MySpace conglomerate.)

(If it was, I’d have put more time into it. Of course.)

I’ve been looking at a few MySpace accounts lately, primarily those of friends of mine who are also musical artists. I tried to leave comments, but I found I couldn’t.

I needed to sign up first.

I needed to become a MySpace member.


So, without further adieu, I present to you my new MySpace account: Corey @ Black Marks on Wood Pulp.

With the site created, I started rushing around, looking for my friends. Alas, I found only a few – actually, I found none until discovering Chris’s site by a thorough five-minute search, the rest I had already known about.

I did discover, however, that there are only two reasons for starting a MySpace account: either you’re in a band and you want to promote your music (this could be interchanged with any trade/product combination – artist/art, writer/writing, computer designer/company, etc.), or you’re looking for a life partner. Everyone else is either just around because they’re bored on the Internet or they have friends on MySpace and they want to be able to comment on their sites.

Chalk me up for that “bored on the Internet” part.

It’s a funny culture to me, the “IM crazy, MySpace account having, personal blog with lots of neon pink creating” section of the Internet. The first day I actually had my MySpace account going, I found that I had a friend request from someone who’s picture was their rear end, lovingly adorned with the words “Punk Rock.”

This isn’t uncommon, apparently.

Anyway, I started to feel a little embarrassed by my little MySpace account. I kept going to other people’s sites and I would be surprised at how they’ve all been gussied up like a girl on prom night. I started thinking that maybe it was high time I spruced the place up a little: change the unflattering poker-night picture, come up with a more interesting quote, get rid of the obnoxious ads, maybe add a few friends (I’ve got a whopping four at this point in time.)

One thing’s for sure – I’ve got to stop the shameless promotion and call it something other than Corey @ Black Marks on Wood Pulp. I can be more creative than that, I think. But, of course, the only reason I’d even start the spring-cleaning of my account would be to better streamline my shameless promotion.

I’ll get around to it eventually, I’m sure. Until then, I’ll just consider Black Marks on Wood Pulp to be my own personal web space.

Though I’ll sure miss having everyone’s little picture over in the corner.

This was lovingly handwritten on November 5th, 2005