I’m personally attached to most of my books. By this I mean I’d never think to give any of them away. I’ll admit that part of this is a pack-rat mentality that causes me to keep every last page I’ve ever read, but another part is that I like to be surrounded by books. Much like looking at someone’s CD collection can tell a lot about their personality, the books in someone’s home go a long way in showing what kind of person they are.

Because of this, I love to be surrounded by books — especially books that make me look smart. Honestly. It’s all a horrible image that I can’t help but fuel. I’m vain when it comes to books. I want to appear well-read.

Maybe that’s why I spout incessantly about random things on this blog.

Anyway, there’s a website called that actually urges people to give up their books — more specifically, to leave their books someplace for random strangers to find. You write a code on the inside of the book, and those who find the book are able to log in at the website and see the reasons behind the book’s abandonment.

This is a cool idea, and one that Kerrie thought would make a great cafe idea (especially connected to the bookstore I want to open) — where you would bring your books in and take other books out; an honor system to borrowing books.

Still, I couldn’t bring myself to actually give my books away. I have a hard time borrowing them out to friends and family, let alone to someone who I may never see again.

I’m so possessive.

This was lovingly handwritten on November 7th, 2005