Site Update: 11.12.05

Just made a quick site update, so let me know if anything is “whacked out,” as they say on the streets these days.

There isn’t much that’s noticeable — I changed my “blogroll” to be my current NewsGator selection — if it’s not brought to me via NewsGator, it’s not present on the side.

Additionally, I added a little aggrigator feed to the right and below. It shows the most current posts on the sites I usually read. It’ll usually be filled up with posts from Crooks and Thieves and SD Watch because those two sites seem to find time to blog around the clock.

Anyway, let me know if anything is messing up. Sorry that the side panel is so packed full of stuff…but I can’t pass up the opportunity to add new toys to my blog every once in a while.

This was lovingly handwritten on November 12th, 2005