This just in: we’ve got a new meeting place here in Sioux Falls.

Well, online at least.

Chris, our site host here at Black Marks on Wood Pulp, has opened a new message board for the Sioux Falls area:

See, Sioux Falls is a little too small to have its own Craigslist. This leaves us with no option for general discussion, internet wise, about local subjects – shows, movies, classifieds, politics – that Craigslist and other internet communities bring to the masses in Minneapolis, Kansas City, and Omaha.

So, a new community was created. It’s not much now, but it has the promise to become a city-wide message board where anyone is welcome to opine on local business, sports, or events, nationally released movies, games, and other items, and post classifieds to buy or sell merchandise or services. Feel free to opine on whatever you wish.

It’s still in its infancy, so be patient as the community gets set.


This was lovingly handwritten on November 22nd, 2005