Eric Swanson, rock god

For as long as I’ve known him, Eric’s been playing music.

He’s good. I’ll say that not as a friend, but as a fan of the style of music he puts out – a loud, anti-acoustic version of acoustic guitar; the punk rock of the hollowed out six string.

He asked me to help promote his music in what little way I could: by mentioning him on this website. I would have done that without his asking.

As a friend, Eric’s been at times distant, both emotionally and geographically, but I feel that we just didn’t know how to take each other once the rigors of college and growing into adulthood took hold. Now I feel differently – I feel closer to him now than I ever did when I was in high school. We don’t talk as much, but when we do it’s something of note. It’s something with meaning. It’s not just idle banter and hilarity – it’s an understanding that we’ve both grown up and we’re not kids anymore.

I’m not saying our conversations are some kind of serious dirge – on the contrary, there are few people that can crack me up like Eric can. We’ve both grown up, and we both see each other as adults trying to scoop out a niche in a world that doesn’t necessarily need anymore artists, any more writers, any more musicians. I would support Eric’s dreams regardless of how good he is.

That’s the thing, though. He’s really good.

Okay, the love fest begins here: I’ve always been jealous of people who can play guitar. Two of my best friends, Eric and Tim, are both excellent – both have a different style, both play out of their minds when they want to, both make me envious at levels unknown to most humble people. Tim plays for fun, preferring to dedicate his energies to a much more noble field – the passing along of Paul Wellstone’s spirit and values. Eric plays to keep playing. He plays as if each show would be his last. He plays with an energy that’s unparalleled in my circle of friends, and probably on par with many of the “professional” musicians that line the racks at the record stores.

Eric’s got his MySpace account up and running – complete with music, now – so I figured it’s time to let the word out. Check out Eric Swanson. He rules your roost, my friends. He rules your roost.

I’ll always have enough pimp juice for you, Eric. So let the pimping begin: Eric Swanson, your new favorite guitar player.

This was lovingly handwritten on December 1st, 2005