The box arrives


I’ve been pining over it for months. I’ve been bidding on it for weeks. I’ve been waiting for it to come in the mail for days.

Now I’ve got it – our postman brought me my copy of the Penguin 70th anniversary Pocket Penguins collection. I’m now the proud owner of 70 pocket-sized books that span the entire history of Penguin publishing.

There was only one disappointing thing: the box that it came in was damaged a little from the customarily rough treatment of international mail. One side was split open. I’ve since taped it together. The books are in top condition, so I don’t’ really care much about the box.

Here are some pictures:

Book Box 1Book Box 2

The box itself, from two different angles.

Book from abovebooks from the side

The pocket book size. I was a little surprised about how small each one was – they’re 64 pages each, which I knew, but they’re only a bit bigger than the typical paperback book (Orwell’s Down and Out in London is the book on the right, while Richard Dawkins’ The View from Mount Improbable [of the Pocket Penguins collection] is on the left.) They are a lot thinner as well, as you can see.

The Books!

This is the mess of books that I pulled out from the box. That’s a lot of reading right there. Oh, and the covers are great.

So, anyway, I’ve got to get off this computer. I’ve got a lot of pages to tackle.

This was lovingly handwritten on December 5th, 2005