The doctor’s in

…I’m no longer being compared to Con Stapleton.

I’ve just talked to Todd Epp over at SD Watch, and he assured me that I am now the South Dakota Blogosphere’s resident doctor — “Doc” Corey “Cochran” Vilhauer.

A little background:

In October, Johnny S, a blogger over at South Dakota Politics (a blog that I admit I don’t read), wrote a short post doling out Deadwood characters to some of the left’s political bloggers.

Todd Epp took this one step further by assigning some other members of the South Dakota Blog Coalition thier Deadwood counterparts. Of course, needing to be in the middle of everything regardless of whether or not I’m welcome, I stuck my head in and asked “Who am I?” hoping I could be Sol Star or Dan Doherty.


The answer: Johnny Burns, the hapless young stoogie of Swearengen.

Needless to say, I was a little distraught. I whined a little, as is my case, and I was recast as Con Stapleton.


This was fine with me, but only because I hadn’t finished the first season of Deadwood yet. I know now that Stapleton is almost more loathsome than Burns, and this morning I cried foul.

Taking my “foul crying” as indication of an insult, Epp apologized to me. Well, thanks. I feel a little sheepish, since I wasn’t actually mad, or even mildly upset. Epp is a fine citizen, and I apologize back for leading him on that I was some sort of sensitive blogger with identity issues.

Maybe I am. That’s neither here nor there. The happy part is that we’ve decided that, instead of the smarmy Stapleton, I get to be referred to as the sometimes confused but always noble Doc Cochran.


Hooray for me.

God, I’m taking this all way too seriously.


Oh, we had a great dinner party Saturday night. We all dressed up, and this is what we look like when we’re done with the wine and have started on the Pabst.

We're Hot, you know.

This was lovingly handwritten on December 5th, 2005