An ugly win is still a win

Well, even if the Pacers are without Jermaine O’Neal for another seven weeks, and even if they are only barely holding onto the sixth seed in the East with a 23-22 record, at least I know they can beat the best team in the league.

Indiana Pacers: 93, Detroit Pistons: 85.

How did it happen? The Pacers were outshot (only 38% from the field, including horrible games from Peja [3-14], Anthony Johnson [3-12] and Stephen Jackson [8-22]) and went to the line less (14 attempts, as compared to the Pistons’ 22). They had only four blocks and two steals as a team (the Pistons blocked nine shots and stole five balls), and had only one starter in double figures — Steven Jackson, while the Pistons had the entire starting lineup, save Ben Wallace and his zero points.

Here’s the only stat they won: offensive rebounds. Indiana had 25 attempts at a second shot, while the Pistons only grabbed 12 offensive boards.

Oh well, I don’t care what the Pacers’ record is, just as long as they beat the Pistons.

This was lovingly handwritten on February 5th, 2006