Kornheiser Night Football

Oh my God.

Tony Kornheiser. Monday Night Football.

This is worth getting cable for again.

Imagine: the score is New England, 29; Washington, 31. Everyone is on the edge of their seats – Vinateri is up to kick a 53-yard field goal, the Washington faithful are going crazy trying to distract him, and an entire nation is still up, finally experiencing a Monday Night Football game that’s worth staying up for. The kick goes up…

…and TK starts talking about his dog. Or Bruce Springsteen. Or how his dog chewed up his Bruce Springsteen CD. Kornheiser, the sports writer that cares the least about sports than anyone else in the industry. He’d probably even admit that.

And, to top it all off, the greatest ten minutes of ESPN radio are happening as I type this – Tony Kornheiser being interviewed by Dan Patrick and Keith Olberman.

I know I can get Kornheiser on the internet, and I know he’s still got a show on XM (traitor!)… but wow, I miss that bald, orange man.

This stinks. (stinks)

This was lovingly handwritten on February 8th, 2006