I just wanted to use my post today to do a little cross promotion:

Misc.Asst. is up and running, and it’s even getting constant submissions by a wide variety of people — my good friend Eric (on television and the Super Bowl), my wife Kerrie (on the “Wakin’ Bacon”), and other friends of BMOWP.

Our site host even had an article, but unfortunately I accidentally deleted it. Now I don’t know where it is.

Oh well.

Anyway, you should be visiting daily — even if the other posters don’t post anything, I’ll be there trying to keep it alive (while waiting for all of the other people who said they would contribute… Andy? Les? Amy? Doug? DOUG!! This idea sprouted up because of your desire to be on BMOWP!)


Go visit. Help us out. Be glad you don’t have to listen to membership drives like the National Public Radio member stations are pushing on us now.

At least, not yet.

This was lovingly handwritten on February 10th, 2006