Some say stupidity, I say courage

I just read a great story on Newsvine by Thomas Beller, a man that jumped onto the subway tracks to save his iPod.

The subway doors were still open. I was listening to a Chopin prelude, and I was moving fast. I took the last few steps in a giant jump, sidestepping a man in a wheelchair who was shaking a cup of change. The sounds of piano filled my head. I was going to make the train.

Then I felt a brief tug on my ears, and silence. The iPod had fallen through a hole in my coat pocket and skidded across the platform like a bright white hockey puck. There was a sharp thwack as it slammed into the side of the subway car and fell into the crack between platform and subway, down to the tracks. The whole moment had the brisk finality of a goal in air hockey.

The horrors of that are unspeakable.

The rest of the article is on the New York Times website.

This was lovingly handwritten on February 14th, 2006