Adventures in technology

Sometimes I just want to give up on computers. I want to go all Office Space and drag this piece of hardware into the field, battering it with a blunt object and cursing its very existence.

In fact, I’m seconds away from doing it now.

An old friend of mine sent me some recordable DVDs full of data. Data that I have not been able to get off of the discs. At all.

Now, I’m not some technological simpleton. No. Far from it. I can hold my own in the world of computers. I’m no über-techie, but I’m no moron either. I learn from everything I do with computers and, with all the new problems I’ve had, I’ve learned quite a lot. I’ve struggled with internet routers (wireless and otherwise), successfully taken spyware off of my hard drive, coached a Gateway representative into giving me the answer I was looking for (there was nothing wrong with my DVD burner, it just needed new firmware, which I had to suggest to him), and discovered most of my own troubleshooting on my own.

Of course, I still have to ask Chris a new computer related question every two weeks, but he loves the attention. At least that’s what I tell myself.

Regardless, this has me so incredibly frustrated that I could spit.


There. I feel better.

I know life would be infinitely better without having to worry about technological things like this, but I also realize that without the technology, I wouldn’t have this site and I wouldn’t have my iPod. I wouldn’t be able to microwave my burritos and I sure as hell wouldn’t be able to listen to satellite radio. I’d have to revert back to the horrible local shows on terrestrial radio.

So while I continuously curse this wired box that I type on every day, I’ll also learn to calm down and understand that there’s nothing that can’t be fixed on a computer if you know where to look. That’s reassuring, even if my data is locked onto a small, round, plastic disc with no apparent escape.

Damn it.

– – – – – – –

P.S. – I’ve changed the site back to the current layout – the Super Retro site wasn’t as liked as I’d have thought. Now you see why I eventually changed it.

Sorry about that.

This was lovingly handwritten on February 22nd, 2006