Walking on eggshells

I’ve been frequenting BKG’s Fresh Glue blog for the past few months, mainly because I’ve found myself more and more interested in well designed advertisements and websites lately. Quite possibly, Kerrie’s newsletter design work is rubbing off on me, or maybe I’m just lured in by sharp lines and bright colors – regardless, Fresh Glue usually throws something at me that blows my mind.

Today, however, it was a comment that led me to something I’d never even considered: advertising on egg shells.

In Fresh Glue’s article on AquaCell Media’s “Coolertising,” a concept that puts advertising on water coolers that are offered free to businesses like Kmart and CVS, a commenter (Joe) mentions EggFusion.

What EggFusion offers is laser etching for advertisers. On eggs.

From the Gadgetopia post:

Eggfusion is making all of this pretty attractive to egg producers; sounds like the producers will actually be paid to allow their eggs to be etched using equipment owned by Eggfusion. The revenue from advertisers and retailers pays for the equipment and makes it worthwhile to add the engraver to the production line. (According to the Producers section of the website, it’ll run at about 250 feet per minute — that’s a lot of eggs!)

Eggfusion also has a website where you can track your egg’s history, ala Bookcrossing.

Go check out the entire post by Dave at Gadgetopia.

This was lovingly handwritten on February 23rd, 2006