I had to start somewhere

Well, I thought this would be kinda fun.

If anyone wants to experience a true piece of “Vilhauer Web Page Design,” look no further than this: my first web page for the Sioux Falls hardcore band Floodplain.

It’s a Geocities site, and it’s pretty bland, but it’s still there — fully operable.

I searched around for my first personal writing site with the incredibly emo name “…prying” but it is no longer around. That one was created on The Globe, a now defunct free website company. Apparently, they sell cell phones or something.

Anyway, this was me at the ripe age of 19. I convinced my roommate Joel, the turkey farmer and total computer dork (meaning he was a dork with a computer, not that he was competent with it), to purchase a scanner so I could scan the fliers. He somehow thought he’d actually use a scanner, but he never did. I was the only person to use it.


Come to think of it, this site is about as creative as the first BMOWP site I had.

None more black. Memories.

This was lovingly handwritten on March 5th, 2006