Hops, barley, links

Well, I’m really starting to enjoy these lazy Saturdays.

Today, after reading at a local restaurant for an hour or so, Kerrie and I ran some errands, came home and watched a Wallace and Gromit short, and now are doing as little as possible before we finally go see Good Night and Good Luck at the cheap theater.

So, I’m using StumbleUpon to find some interesting links. And I have — about beer.

The first is RateBeer, a site that can be used to rate beers. It’s filled mainly with local micro-brews that I’ll probably never drink, but if you’re into that sort of thing, check it out.

One of the best sites I’ve found so far about beer is Beer Advocate. Not only will you find reviews, articles, and critiques on various beers, but you’ll find yourself joining conversations and planning beer tours after a few minutes.

Beershots shows us how an assortment of beers looks under a microscope. RealBeer collects beer headlines. Carlsberg beer (the Liverpool Football Club’s beer of choice) claims to have “probably the best website in the world.”

And finally, for the industry’s take on beer, it’s myths, and it’s future, check out the Beer Institute website. From their site: “Beer Institute was organized in 1986 to represent the industry before Congress, state legislatures and public forums across the country. It is committed to developing sound public policy that focuses on community involvement and personal responsibility.”

I guess you’d call that Big Beer, right?

Of course, I’d be remiss in forgetting the best: Grain Belt Premium.


This was lovingly handwritten on March 11th, 2006