Spring fever

In all my life – through the 27 winters that have passed by before my bundled eyes – I have never experienced a spring fever like the one I’m being attacked by this year. It’s an unfounded, completely encompassing fever. Unfounded? Our winter has been remarkably mild. We’ve experienced more days of 55-degree weather than we have seen days with snow on the ground. Completely encompassing? It’s all I can do to keep myself from going ballistic; from running outside with a hair dryer and melting the frozen ground just enough to warrant getting the patio furniture out.

I don’t usually get spring fever. In fact, I’ve got no reason to have it. As I said, we’ve been blessed with an unseasonably warm winter. Our snow has been so sparse that I’ve only broken out the snow blower three times since getting it fixed, and two of those times the snow was so wet that the blower just clogged up and was rendered useless.

But when you look at the grand picture it’s not so unusual. You can see that I’ve got my reasons.

I know that this year will be the first that Kerrie and I go camping on Memorial Day – an ultra busy campground day and the official first day of camping season. We’ve already got our spots reserved (our favorite: a cozy little tent spot set away from the RV’ers at Lake Herman) and I’m gearing up for it. Even though it’s over two months away.

Additionally, I won’t have to worry about working holidays anymore. This means that I can make plans to enjoy the beautiful weather on Memorial Day. And the Fourth of July. And Labor Day. As far as I know, most nights will be open. Weekends will, for the most part, be completely free. I’ve got nothing but time to enjoy the outdoors. My yard will be yearning for the days of less attention, especially after I’ve trimmed the grass under the fence with my little grass scissors.

I’m going through my own personal renaissance right now. I’ve gone from a time of industrial drudgery, dutifully putting in my time as management, to a time of grand creativity. It’s as if the gentle springtime sound of young’ns at play have invaded my soul, leaving me feeling happy and refreshed and not the least bit stressed or anxious at all.

How’s that for over the top?

The truth is, I’ve been waiting for spring since last fall. I’ve become an outdoorsy guy, now. I’d go camping every weekend if it wouldn’t mean neglecting our yard. I’d play in the yard every night, except I fear the land would revolt and send me flying onto the driveway. I eagerly anticipate our first trip to the greenhouse – the one that ends up costing way more than I’d ever imagined – to plan our front gardens. And our vegetable garden. I’m ready to dig up the old and start working on the new.

Okay, snow, you’d better listen to me. Start melting. Go away. Sure, I may hate it when people complain about the weather, especially when it’s been so mild, but to hell with winter. Let’s bring on the warm weather. I’m ready to break out of this shell I’ve been cooping myself in for the past six months.

Bring it on, Mother Nature. I dare you.

This was lovingly handwritten on March 18th, 2006