Glaucoma as beauty

With my time stretched currently, thanks to the new job, the new lawn work and my grandmother’s impending visit, I wanted to at least get something out here that says, “Yes, my fellow readers, I’m still here.”

So while most of you who are close friends have received this website, I figured I’d better release it to the public.

What is it? It’s the Association Of International Glaucoma Societies (AIGS) website. I believe this was created to highlight the World Glaucoma Conference 2007, but all it’s really done is create a welcome diversion in my life.

The website is terrible in nearly every aspect of terribleness. The colors are awkward. The bouncing heads in the corner are distracting and incredibly unnecessary. And the blinking eye at the bottom of the sidebar is creepy. In other words, the site is awesome.

The headliner in awesomeness, however, is the Glaucoma Hymn — a download-able file that praises glaucoma. Or it praises glaucoma’s cure. I’m not sure which one. The lyrics seem heartfelt, though:

Glaucoma, Glaucoma, Glaucoma
Constricting vision slowly
Halted by progress of science
Vision of a world united
Beyond all science knowing


As Kerrie said — the crazy thing is that someone got paid to do this.

This was lovingly handwritten on April 12th, 2006