Random Links 04.16.06

Happy Easter weekend, everybody!

My grandmother is in town, so I’ve actually got an excuse for not posting much. However, I wanted to bring back a little random link action until I’m (finally) back on full blogging duties.


First, what happens when you put 10 scientists together? Quizzes!

Think you know you know your science? Recently, several science gurus — Nobel Prize winners, institute heads, teachers and others who spend most of their time thinking about science — were asked, “What is one science question every high school graduate should be able to answer?”

Take their quiz and see how you do.

No comment on how I did with my High School Teaching degree.


It’s Easter weekend, and that means bunnies.

I’m bringing back an old link becausae, well, it’s just so awesome I can’t handle it.

Famous movies in 30 seconds. With bunnies.


Oh, and while I’m thinking of stuff I got sent at work, check this out – it’s a website that’s devoted to, well, everything: LiLEKS.

I haven’t really perused it much yet, but it’s really undescribable. You’ve got old matchbooks, you’ve got 50s and 60s cookbooks — everything, really. It’s kitch with an awesome commentary. I’ve only really had a chance to check out the “horrible cookbook” section, as well as the “The Institute of Regrettable Food.” I’ve bookmarked it, and I’m going to get around to it. I’ll probably end up quoting it daily.

It seems pretty damned clever, and I’ve always been a sucker for clever.


Finally, Money Magazine’s list of the50 best jobs came out. Good news for me – “Writer” (which officially contains “advertising writer,” so I’m a literary wonder, in Money’s eyes) is listed as the #25th best job. Furthermore, my grades didn’t seem too bad:

GRADES: Stress: C / Flexibility: B / Creativity: A / Difficulty: B

Creativity — A! Hooray!

The rankings, I believe, are based a bit on salary, but mostly on a 10-year forecast of expected growth. First place goes to Software Engineers, followed by College Professors and Financial Advisor.

Last place (of the 166 jobs they ranked) was being a Semiconductor Processor. That’s just a little worse than being a Fire Inspector or Investigator.

Funny, I didn’t see Call Center Manager on there at all. I guess it would be considered an Office Manager — ranked lower than Embalmer, for the record.

The list around me:

Ranking, Field, projected growth.

20 — Public relations specialist — 22.61%
21 — Sales manager — 19.67%
22 — Optometrist — 19.73%
23 — Property manager — 15.30%
24 — Actuary — 23.16%
25 — Writer — 17.72%
26 — Social service manager — 25.52%
27 — Paralegal — 29.75%
28 — Health services manager — 22.76%
29 — Advertising sales agent — 16.33%
30 — Physician/Surgeon — 23.98%

Go see where you’re ranked. It’s kind of fun.


Anyway. Have a happy Easter, and enjoy your Easter ham.

Easter Bunny!
Thanks to The Internet and Google Images for this awesome picture, by the way.

This was lovingly handwritten on April 16th, 2006