Steinbeck on Random 5.05.06

Yeah. Steinbeck ran out of batteries on the way to work today. So it’s not really “Steinbeck” on random, but more like “The Songs On My Work Computer” on random.

There’s a lot of overlap, but the two collections are strikingly different at times as well. Steinbeck is everything I’ve ever listened to – the old emo days, the indie rock stuff I listen to now, hip-hop, Kerrie’s CDs, etc. My work computer doesn’t have the old emo stuff. Or Kerrie’s CDs. The indie rock is all more recent.

Really, what I did is I took a handful of artists that I enjoy listening to out of the more current selection of indie rock. And I took all of my hip-hop. I’m using my work computer to become more knowledgeable of hip-hop in general. And thanks to my friend Dave, I have an entire collection of hip hop that I never bothered putting on Steinbeck. I couldn’t – I didn’t have enough room.

So with that, you’ll notice that the work computer is very heavily influenced by hip-hop and newer indie rock. More so, hip-hop. When Steinbeck gets an upgrade (to Steinbeck II) and becomes a 60GB video machine, I’ll have the chance to put everything on. But until then, Steinbeck I is an inferior little robot, hip-hop wise.

Anyway, the list.

1. “No Cars Go” – The Arcade Fire
The Arcade Fire EP

I love The Arcade Fire. I don’t know why, but I do. I think they’re just original enough to sound fresh – to sound like something I’d never imagine. Much like The Polyphonic Spree and older Modest Mouse really perked my ears – they were different, so I gravitated towards them. This song is older, and you can tell. There’s a vast difference in production between this and Funeral, but you can still tell that it’s the same band. You can still hear the randomly yelled single-word phrases and the nearly off-tune warble of their female voices.

2. “Hello” – Lyrics Born
Later That Day

“Hello” is one of those hip-hop songs that could be really really popular, if only more people knew about it. A simply worded chorus. Great beat. Awesome lyrics. Perfect. If only all of Lyrics Born stuff could match up (as you’ll hear later.)

3. “Happiness is a Warm Pun” – Super Furry Animals
Rings Around The World

Super Furry Animals is a band that I never really embraced until Steinbeck came along. Now I like the band. Of course, this is one of their lamer songs – it sounds too much like Lenny Kravitz for my taste.

4. “The Boat Dreams from the Hill” – Jawbreaker
24-Hour Revenge Therapy

“Boat on a hill, never going to sea/Anchored to a fixer-upper’s dream/The boat is beat, never gonna be a boat now/Thirsty, sees the sea from high on ice plant.”

5. “I Remember California” – R.E.M.

Because Kerrie wanted the entire Green album on the iPod (it was the first CD she ever purchased, so nostalgia trumps anything else – it would be the same if I wanted Pearl Jam’s Ten), this song has become part of the R.E.M. file. And, unfortunately, it’s my least favorite R.E.M. song on the entire disc. And it comes up constantly at work. I mean, at least once a day. It’s leading my play count, right now. Why don’t I take it off? I don’t know – I feel like I’d be doing a disservice to Kerrie’s first CD purchase if I didn’t have the album in whole on my computer at work. That’s just how I am, for some reason.

6. “Thin Line” – Jurassic 5
Power In Numbers

I don’t care what you say – Nelly Furtado has a very sexy voice. So I like this song, since she sings on it.

7. “Rise and Shine” – Lyrics Born
Later That Day

Okay, here’s another Lyrics Born song. And this one is not very good, in my opinion. From the faux-Blondie opening to the lack of lyrics, this is just too annoying for me to listen to. I should take it off the computer, but I haven’t yet. It’s just not the greatest. Maybe the end of it is good – I usually tune it out by the point.

8. “Disco Infiltrator” – LCD Soundsystems
LCD Soundsystems

LCD Soundsystems is good for one thing: “Daft Punk is Playing At My House.” A song that we used to hate, but now I kind of like. It’s a ridiculous song about setting up the house for a Daft Punk garage show. And it’s awesome. Disco Infiltrator has the same sound – very poppy, nearly annoying, and totally awesome.

9. “Shallow Days” – Blackalicious

I really like Blackalicious. I really like this song too, because he’s another in a long line of great indie hip-hop artists that isn’t afraid to say, “no, I’m not gangsta.” Great song.

10. “Rahstrumental Break 2 – Rahzel
Rahzel’s Greatest Knockouts

A short song, but it’s Rahzel. I never knew about this guy before receiving my files from Dave, but he’s apparently the greatest human beat box in the world. Of all time, for all I know. I agree with any claim – he’s fun to listen to. I mean, there are times I’m not sure if I’m listening to him spitting all over himself or an actual recorded record. It’s amazing. Well, coming from someone that can hardly do the “techno/rave Mmp-Tss noise” it is, at least.

This was lovingly handwritten on May 6th, 2006