#31 vs. NYC

In honor of these wonderful NBA Playoffs — three semi-final series going to seven games, the Mavs and Suns fighting for the Western Conference Championship and guaranteeing me a team to root for until the Finals are over, and the Pistons already losing a game at home — I bring you the best moment in my short lived Pacers fandom: the domination of Reggie Miller and the meltdown of the New York Knicks.

Of course, the comments for this movie on YouTube say a lot about Knicks fans: it was a clear foul call, apparently. Well, from this video, it looks like the guy slips, not that he was pushed. Of course, I’m the wrong person to say anything — Reggie could have decked John Starks and I would have considered it a ticky tack foul call.

Anyway, enjoy that. I’ll be camping — expect an auto-post sometime this weekend.

This was lovingly handwritten on May 26th, 2006