These are the Daves I know…

Well, I guess I’d better get to welcoming the new kid on the block — an old friend and former FuncoLand manager, Dave. No, not that Dave… a different Dave. Thanks to him, I’ve been reintroduced to hip hop, and thanks to him I’ve found

Here’s his new blog — it’s about indie rock, hip hop, television, etc. — you know, that media type stuff: When I Look At the World.

And, from now on, if you want to see what the iTunes on my computer has been playing, you can go here: What Corey’s Been Listening To. Keep up to date with my music, and feed the need for more Steinbeck On Random, straight from the source. It’ll always be there on the right side. Have fun.

And if it doesn’t work, check back later — it’s always updating, and often it’s backed up. Oh well, eh? Thanks

This was lovingly handwritten on May 30th, 2006