Refinishing school

It pains me to say this. Wait, maybe that pain is from sleeping on our air mattress in a basement corner last night. No, don’t worry, we did it on purpose.

Anyway, you’ll see light posting for the next couple days. And unfortunately (to some) there’s no Steinbeck on Random today.

We’re in the process of refinishing our floors. It’s quite a task. Still, it’s something we need to do ourselves — $6-8/sq. ft. is not a price we want to pay, especially with 550 square feet to refinish.

This will be the biggest project we’ve ever taken on, and we’re going into it with high expectations and little hands on knowledge. Power tools, yes. Knowledge, barely.

So forgive the slow movement of posts over the next couple of days. We expect to start moving stuff back onto the hardwood by Tuesday. I may be back by then. Who knows.

This is what our empty room looks like, a “before” picture, if you will.

The Floor, Before.

And where did all of that furniture go? Where could we possibly fit three rooms full of beds, tables, chairs, knick knacks, and one large sofa?

Well, in the dormer…

The Dormer, Full.

…and, the kitchen.

The Kitchen, Unusable.

Our house is as functionless as possible right now. We’ll sand, we’ll vacuum, and we’ll lay down a layer of poly that will keep the elements away from our precious floors. At night, we’ll be in the basement.

Home Sweet Home.

During the day? Well, Kerrie and I have already discussed drinking an 18-pack of Pabst. You know, just to get through the stress.

We were kidding. You know that, right?

See you Tuesday.

This was lovingly handwritten on June 16th, 2006