Rooney and the Cross

This is not a mock crucifixion.

This is Wayne Rooney – the most important player to England’s success – wearing the St. George Cross and mimicking his goal scoring celebration.

If you think this is a crucifixion, you are not only out of touch with professional soccer, but you’re out of touch with modern culture. You are a person looking for a fight. You are searching high and low for something to complain about, something to be offended by.

Here’s a little hint to everyone that feels it’s their place in the world to foist their moralistic views around on the rest of us – check your facts. Do some research. If you want to yell and scream about hot button issues with instant viewpoints based solely in emotion, you’d have done better going into journalism and working for Fox News.

Hell, if you’re offended by this ad, you should stop reading BMOWP right now. I’ve got my very own St. George’s Cross hanging from the front door. I’ve got my very own red cross on white background. See? Not only am I a blasphemer, but I’m also un-American.

I, for one, love this image. Thank you, Nike, in all of your globalistic ways, for making yet another classic advertising image.

And to those of you who are offended, keep it to yourself.

This was lovingly handwritten on June 23rd, 2006