Fame, fleetingly

A funny thing happened when I was researching a company blog.

During a short bout of tangential searching, I Googled references of Black Marks on Wood Pulp, as I often do when I want to feel out my worth in the blogosphere. The usual sites were there; referrers, links, etc. But there was one I hadn’t seen before. And it took me by surprise. CBS News.

As I said last Feburary during a self-induced melancholy:

Sure, I’ll never be featured on CBS News, but at least I might be featured in your NewsGator blog list.

It turns out that I was featured on CBS News – just three weeks later. But I never knew about it because, well, they forgot to link to my site.

Yeah. It’s true. Numerous sites linked to my three-headed sports post from March 8th – a quick recap of my broken “home-team success” streak, the new Barry Bonds book, and the passing of Kirby Puckett. I was being circulated through technorati.com as a top source, apparently, even though I didn’t say much about it.

But CBS found it. And they featured it on their weekly blog round up, Blogophile:

Barry Bonds Drives Bloggers Batty
Blogophile Tracks Hottest Stories In Cyberspace

NEW YORK, March 15, 2006

“I don’t care one way or another about Bonds’ steroid use, but I do care about his denial of everything,” Black Marks On Wood Pulp writes. “Yes, it was not against the rules when he juiced. No, he’s never tested positive for steroids. Yes, this book seems to throw some undeniable evidence at Bonds.”

And just like that, I was a national star. The only bad thing is that in the world of blogging, if you’re not linked, no one’s going to bother coming.

If you’re a reader who found the site through this article (and still manage to keep in touch after four months of blather) let me know. I’d be curious to see what this kind of coverage actually means.

See? I’m still relevant!

This was lovingly handwritten on July 19th, 2006