Blog praise

Sorry, it’s been slow around here – we’ve been busy on the home front, and I’ve been busy at work. What I’ve Been Reading will be up tomorrow, and The Millions excerpt has been sent, so you’ll have those to look forward to.

What I want to do is give some heavy praise to The Daily Pooper, which delivered a hearty chortle to my desk area yesterday. After watching two sports blogs die after less than ten posts total, it’s awesome to see something that’s truly funny – original, Onion-esque, and brilliant.

Just imagine a nickel with Jefferson’s butt on it. Imagine Jon Lovitz as a cannibal. That’s The Daily Pooper.

Go read The Daily Pooper. Add it to your blogroll. And give Eric a reason to keep going with it. Or else.

This was lovingly handwritten on August 2nd, 2006